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With multimodality, new practices, innovative mobility services, and vehicles that are getting safer, more comfortable, and more economical, the transportation industry is at the heart of a new industrial revolution playing out on a global scale.
For the French region Hauts-de-France, transportation and mobility are an area of strategic interest, with rail and auto transport as the standouts. The urban area of Valenciennes plays a critical role in these sectors.

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Transalley brings together key players from industry, research, innovation, training, and local authorities. It is building an ecosystem aimed squarely at developing innovation in sustainable transport and increasing competitiveness in the rail and auto sectors.




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Transalley is also a team of mobility industry experts that offers businesses and researchers direct access to the services that the cluster's members offer: Technological research and development, networking, innovation, starting businesses, setting up a location, training, hiring, international outreach, and more. These experts can all be found in one place: The Transalley technology park in Valenciennes.


Transalley's goals

  • Support the performance of automotive and railway companies
  • Develop the railway infrastructure and systems of the future
  • Encourage new mobility and logistics systems
  • Provide companies with testing and type approval facilities
  • Anticipate new forms of mobility and their business models